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When it comes to trying new, exciting cuisine, few foods hit the spot like a deliciously fresh Mediterranean meal. However, we know that it can be very difficult to find authentic Mediterranean grocery wholesalers in Nashville, TN. Having lived in metro Atlanta for years, we realized that our customers needed an easy way to find quality wholesale Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in bulk. That is why we created Nazareth Grocery Mediterranean Market - to give everyone a chance to enjoy tasty, healthy food, desserts, and authentic Mediterranean gifts at wholesale prices.

Founded in 2009, Nazareth Grocery has become one of Nashville's leading international wholesale grocery stores. We are very proud to serve our customers and do everything in our power to give them the largest selection of high-quality wholesale goods available.

If you're looking for the freshest, most delicious Middle Eastern wholesale products and ingredients, you will find them here at the best prices in the state. We encourage you to swing by our store in Marietta to see our selection for yourself. We think that you will be impressed!

The Nazareth Difference

At Nazareth Grocery Mediterranean Market, our mission is simple: bring you and your family the largest selection of wholesale Mediterranean products in Nashville. When coupled with our helpful, friendly staff and authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere, it's easy to see why we are the top Middle Eastern grocery wholesaler in Nashville, TN. We're proud to carry just about every kind of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern product that you can think of, from prepared meals and hookahs to fine seasonings and sweets. We're here for our customers and want each one of them to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience when they shop with us.

Our loyal customers love our selection of the following wholesale foods and gifts:

  • Fresh Breads
  • OlivesOlives
  • HummusHummus
  • CheesesCheeses
  • SaucesSauces
  • Savory-FoodsSavory Foods
  • DessertsDesserts
  • DrinksDrinks
  • HookahsHookahs
  • TobaccoTobacco
  • SaucesGifts
  • Much More!Much More!

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Most Popular Wholesale Mediterranean Foods

There is so much more to Mediterranean food than pizza and pasta. The perfect climate combined with delicious foods and amazing wine makes the Mediterranean incredibly irresistible. That's why our customers absolutely love to buy this kind of cuisine in bulk. Every country in this region has its own set of specialties and delicacies, each with its own flavors and styles of preparation.

Mediterranean countries include:

  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Spain
Mediterranean Grocery Nashville, TN

So, when it comes to the most popular wholesale Mediterranean products in Nashville,
what are we talking about?

 Mediterranean Supermarkets Nashville, TN

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a classic Mediterranean dairy product that is often enjoyed on its own, in Greek salads, on bread, or mixed with zucchini. Depending on where the feta is sourced and produced, the cheese can be made from cow, sheep, or goat milk, or even a combination of the three. Regardless of the animal it comes from, this delicious cheese is a crowd favorite.

 Mediterranean Grocery Store Nashville, TN

Baba Ganoush

This Levantine dish is one of the most well-known Mediterranean dishes to eat in the United States. It typically comes in the form of a dip, served with pita or another kind of dipping bread. Commonly served before dinner as an appetizer of sorts, it usually features tahini, eggplant, garlic, spices, and sometimes yogurt. This tasty cuisine works great as a spread on a sandwich, or you can even eat it with a spoon, all on its own.

 Middle Eastern Grocery Nashville, TN


If you have never tried authentic baklava before, get ready to have your mind blown. This dessert is a traditional Mediterranean food that will have your taste buds craving more and more. Once you open a box of baklava from our Mediterranean grocery wholesaler in Nashville, TN, you won't want to stop eating! Baklava is made with layers of thin filo dough, which is layered together, filled with chopped nuts (think pistachios), and sealed with honey or syrup. Baklava is so good that its origins are debated, leaving many wondering which country invented the dessert. Everyone from the Turks to the Greeks and even Middle Easterners hold unique takes on baklava. Try each one to discover your favorite!

Most Popular Wholesale Middle Eastern Foods

Fresh, healthy, aromatic, rich: it's no wonder that the popularity of Middle Eastern cuisine and products has skyrocketed in the United States. This genre of cuisine features a large variety of foods, from Halvah to Labneh. If there were one common theme throughout all Middle Eastern food, it would be the bright, vibrant herbs and spices that are used. These flavorings help create rich, complex flavors that foodies fawn over. Typically, Middle Eastern food is piled high for all to eat, with enough food for an entire republic to put down.

 Mediterranean Food Stores Nashville, TN


This refreshing, healthy dish is chock-full of greens, herbs, tomatoes, and bulgur (or cracked wheat), creating a memorable, bold flavor. This dish may be eaten on its own or paired with a shawarma sandwich or helping of falafel. It's best to buy your ingredients in bulk to make this dish because it tastes best freshly made with family around to enjoy. Just be sure to bring a toothpick to the tabbouleh party - you're almost certain to have some leafy greens stuck in your teeth after eating.

 Middle Eastern Market Nashville, TN


We mentioned shawarma above, and for good reason - this dish is enjoyed by men and women around the world, and of course, right here in the U.S. Except for falafel, this might be the most popular Middle Eastern food item in history. Shawarma is kind of like a Greek gyro, with slow-roasted meat stuffed in laffa with veggies and sauce. The blend of spices and the smoky meat mix together to create a tangy, meaty flavor that you will want to keep eating for hours. For western-style shawarma, try using beef or chicken. For a more traditional meal, try using lamb from our Middle Eastern grocery distributor in Nashville, TN.

 Greek Grocery Store Nashville, TN


Traditionally used as a dip meant for fresh pita, hummus is a combo of chickpeas, garlic, and tahini, blended together until silky, smooth, and creamy. You can find hummus in just about any appetizer section of a Middle Eastern restaurant menu. That's because it's considered a staple of Middle Eastern food that can be enjoyed by itself, as a spread, or with fresh-baked pita bread. Hummus is also very healthy, making it a no-brainer purchase from our grocery store.

Benefits of Eating a Mediterranean Diet

If there's one diet that is most well-known for its health benefits, it has got to be the Mediterranean diet. In 2019, U.S. News & World Report listed the Mediterranean diet as No. 1 on its best over diet list. This incredible diet has been cited to help with weight loss, brain health, heart health, diabetes prevention, and cancer prevention.

Whether you already love Mediterranean food or you're looking to make some positive changes in your life, this "diet" is for you. Eating cuisine like Greek food, Persian food, Turkish food, and Italian food is healthy and tastes great. Even better than that? At Nazareth Wholesale Grocery, we have many staples of the Mediterranean diet for sale in bulk so that you can stock up on your favorites at the best prices around.

So, what exactly is the Mediterranean diet?

It is a way of eating that incorporates traditional Greek, Italian, and other Mediterranean cultures' foods. These foods are often plant-based and make up the foundation of the diet, along with olive oil. Fish, seafood, dairy, and poultry are also included in moderation. Red meat and sweets are only eaten in moderation, not in abundance. Mediterranean food includes many forms of nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, seeds, and more. Of course, you can find at them all at our wholesale Mediterranean grocery store!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of eating a healthy Mediterranean diet:

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Reduced Risk
of Heart Disease

Many studies have been conducted on this diet, many of which report that Mediterranean food is excellent for your heart. Some of the most promising evidence comes from a randomized clinical trial published in 2013. For about five years, researchers followed 7,000 men and women around the country of Spain. These people had type 2 diabetes or were at a high risk for cardiovascular disease. Participants in the study who ate an unrestricted Mediterranean diet with nuts and extra-virgin olive oil were shown to have a 30% lower risk of heart events.

Reduced Risk of Stroke for Women

Reduced Risk
of Stroke for Women

In addition to the heart-healthy benefits of a Mediterranean diet, studies have shown that eating healthy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods can reduce the chances of stroke in women. The study was conducted in the U.K., which included women between the ages of 40 and 77. Women who stuck to the Mediterranean diet showed a lower risk of having a stroke - especially women who were at high risk of having one.

Benefits of Eating a Mediterranean Diet

First and foremost, purchase your Mediterranean and Middle Eastern wholesale foods from Nazareth Grocery - we're always updating our inventory! Getting started on this healthy, delicious diet is easy.

Try these tips:

Try these tips


Instead of unhealthy sweets like candy and ice cream, try eating fresh fruit instead. It's refreshing, tasty, and often packed with great vitamins and nutrients.


Try eating fish twice a week, in lieu of red meat. Fish is much healthier and doesn't have the unfortunate side effects of red meat, like inflammation.


Try planning out your meals using beans, whole grains, and veggies. Don't start with meats and sweets.


They're tasty, but try to avoid processed foods completely.


Instead of using butter to flavor your food, use extra virgin olive oil instead. Olive oil contains healthy fats and tastes great too.


Try to get more exercise and get out of the house. The Mediterranean lifestyle is an active one, best enjoyed in the beautiful sunshine when possible.

Why Buy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Products Wholesale?

Buying wholesale and retail are quite different. When you buy products from a wholesaler, you're essentially buying from the middleman between a retail establishment and the manufacturer. Wholesale purchases are almost always made in bulk. Because of that, buyers pay a discounted price. That's great for normal buyers and great for business owners, who can sell those products to profit. This higher price is called the retail price, and it is what traditional customers pay when they enter a retail store.

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Latest News in Nashville, TN

Tennessee license plate picks: Nashville drivers don't trust in God?

Here's a county-by-county list of percentage of drivers who chose "In God We Trust" on new Tennessee license plates — a list on which Nashville is dead lastAmong Tennessee's 95 counties, Davidson County has the lowest percentage of vehicle owners choosing to have "In God We Trust" on the state's new license plates, state data shows.Only 13.3% of Nashvillians getting new plates have opted for the trusting God plates, the numbers show, making Music City a real outlier in the Volunteer St...

Here's a county-by-county list of percentage of drivers who chose "In God We Trust" on new Tennessee license plates — a list on which Nashville is dead last

Among Tennessee's 95 counties, Davidson County has the lowest percentage of vehicle owners choosing to have "In God We Trust" on the state's new license plates, state data shows.

Only 13.3% of Nashvillians getting new plates have opted for the trusting God plates, the numbers show, making Music City a real outlier in the Volunteer State.

A majority of drivers in 86 of the state's 95 counties are choosing the "In God We Trust" plates as of May 16, according to numbers from the state Department of Revenue.

But before you decide that Nashville is full of godless heathen drivers, there are non-religious reasons why Davidson County's number might be so low.

Many Nashville drivers said they didn't know they could choose between two plates.

"I went in person and wasn't given a choice," radio personality Terry "Holly Wood" Hendrix said. "They handed me what they handed me."

Driver's license test online:Tennessee teens can now take written driver's license test online

And what you're handed in Davidson County — if you don't say anything about a preference — is the plate without "In God We Trust" on it, county clerk's office officials said.

Chief Deputy Clerk Joey Workman said clerk's office outposts finally put up signs spelling out the choice April 4. But several Nashvillians told The Tennessean they got their new plates after April 4 and saw no signs up about a choice in plates.

Several other Nashville drivers told The Tennessean they were aware of the choice, and they said they believe in God. But they also believe in separation of church and state.

"As much as I believe in God — and trust Him — I don’t believe it should be on a state sanctioned license plate," said Darin Morrissey, 57, a salesman who lives in Donelson.

"If I want to send a message about God, I'd get a bumper sticker," he said.

The county with the highest percentage of drivers choosing the God plates is Fentress, a rural county that sits near the Kentucky line between Nashville and Knoxville.

There, 98% have chosen the "In God We Trust" plates so far, with motorists saying so out loud as soon as they walked up to the counter in Jamestown, Tenn., deputy clerk Anna Rains said.

Why so high in Fentress County?

"Bible belt," Rains said.

The counties bordering Nashville also fall in the bottom half of all Tennessee counties in percentage of drivers choosing "In God We Trust" on their new plates.

But there's a huge range in those percentages in Nashville's so-called donut counties: More than 75% of Robertson County (Springfield area) drivers are choosing the God plates, and on the low end, only 39% of Williamson County (Franklin-Brentwood area) drivers are choosing them.

Here's a list of the counties and county seats, from highest to lowest percentage of drivers choosing "In God We Trust" plates. Nashville and surrounding counties appear in bold.

1. Fentress County, Jamestown, Tenn., 98.1%

2. Benton County, Camden, Tenn., 97.9%

3. Van Buren, Spencer, Tenn., 97.7%

4. Overton County, Livingston, Tenn., 97.4%

5. Dekalb County, Smithville, Tenn., 94.1%

6. Polk County, Benton, Tenn., 94.1%

7. Hancock County, Sneedville, Tenn., 90.3%

8. Lawrence County,Lawrenceburg, Tenn., 90.1%

9. Moore County, Lynchburg, Tenn., 89.9%

10. Haywood County, Brownsville, Tenn., 88.9%

11. Wayne County, Waynesboro, Tenn., 88.7%

12. Chester County, Henderson, Tenn., 88.6%

13. Johnson County, Mountain City, Tenn., 88.4%

14. Franklin County, Winchester, Tenn., 88.6%

15. Decatur County, Decaturville, Tenn., 88%

16. Macon County, Lafayette, Tenn., 87.5%

17. Weakley County, Dresden, Tenn., 86.2%

18. Dyer County, Dyersburg, Tenn., 86.1%

19. Obion County, Union City, Tenn., 86%

20. McNairy County, Selmer, Tenn., 85.9%

21. Grainger County, Rutledge, Tenn., 85.8%

22. Hardin County, Savannah, Tenn., 85.8%

23. Hickman County, Centerville, Tenn., 85.7%

24. Scott County, Huntsville, Tenn., 82.8%

25. Claiborne County, Tazewell, Tenn., 82.6%

26. Henry County, Paris, Tenn., 82.4%

27. Bledsoe County, Pikeville, Tenn., 82.3%

28. Lake County, Tiptonville, Tenn., 82%

29. Campbell County, Jacksboro, Tenn., 81.8%

30. Smith County, Carthage, Tenn., 81.4%

31. Lincoln County, Fayetteville, Tenn., 81.1%

32. Clay County, Celina, Tenn., 80.9%

33. Gibson County, Trenton, Tenn., 80.3%

34. Hardeman County, Bolivar, Tenn., 80%

35. Carroll County, Huntingdon, Tenn., 79.7%

36. Cocke County, Newport, Tenn., 79.4%

37. Trousdale County, Hartsville, Tenn., 79.4%

38. Meigs County, Decatur, Tenn., 78.6%

39. Crockett County, Alamo, Tenn., 78.5%

40. Houston County, Erin, Tenn., 78.2%

41. Lewis County, Hohenwald, Tenn., 77.8%

42. Carter County, Elizabethton, Tenn., 77.4%

43. Jefferson County, Dandridge, Tenn., 77.3%

44. Roane County, Kingston, Tenn., 77.2%

45. Cannon County, Woodbury, Tenn., 76.8%

46. Marshall County, Lewisburg, Tenn., 76.6%

47. Lauderdale County, Ripley, Tenn., 75.8%

48. Robertson County, Springfield, Tenn., 75.6%

49. Union County, Maynardville, Tenn., 75.5%

50. Rhea County, Dayton, Tenn., 75.2%

51. Fayette County, Somerville, Tenn., 74.9%

52. Stewart County, Dover, Tenn., 74.6%

53. Humphreys County, Waverly, Tenn., 74.5%

54. Pickett County, Byrdstown, Tenn., 74.2%

55. Henderson County, Lexin73.8%

56. Greene County, Greeneville, Tenn., 73.7%

57. Bedford County, Shelbyville, Tenn., 73.3%

58. Sequatchie County, Dunlap, Tenn., 72.9%

59. Coffee County, Manchester, Tenn., 72.3%

60. Unicoi County, Erwin, Tenn., 72.3%

61. Grundy County, Altamont, Tenn., 71.6%

62. Marion County, Jasper, Tenn., 71.6%

63. Cheatham County, Ashland City, Tenn., 70.2%

64. Dickson County, Charlotte, Tenn., 70.2%

65. Hawkins County, Rogersville, Tenn., 69.9%

66. White County, Sparta, Tenn., 69.2%

67. Sevier County, Sevierville, Tenn., 68.3%

68. Perry County, Linden, Tenn., 67.9%

69. Hamblen County, Morristown, Tenn., 67.5%

70. Loudon County, Loudon, Tenn., 67.4%

71. Cumberland County, Crossville, Tenn., 67.3%

72. Warren County, McMinnville, Tenn., 67.1%

73. Maury County, Columbia, Tenn., 66.7%

74. McMinn County, Athens, Tenn., 66.7%

75. Putnam County, Cookeville, Tenn., 66.4%

76. Montgomery County, Clarksville, Tenn., 65.6%

77. Tipton County, Covington, Tenn., 64.6%

78. Giles County, Pulaski, Tenn., 64.2%

79. Sumner County, Gallatin, Tenn., 63.9%

80. Bradley County, Cleveland, Tenn., 62.5%

81. Sullivan County, Blountville, Tenn., 61.8%

82. Hamilton County, Chattanooga, Tenn., 57.6%

83. Monroe County, Madisonville, Tenn., 56.6%

84. Blount County, Maryville, Tenn., 54.5%

85. Morgan County, Wartburg, Tenn., 52.6%

86. Wilson County, Lebanon, Tenn., 52.2%

87. Rutherford County, Murfreesboro, Tenn., 49.9%

88. Knox County, Knoxville, Tenn., 48%

89. Jackson County, Gainesboro, Tenn., 47.5%

90. Anderson County, Clinton, Tenn., 46.6%

91. Washington County, Jonesborough, Tenn., 39.2%

92. Williamson County, Franklin, Tenn., 39.1%

93. Madison County, Jackson, Tenn., 35.9%

94. Shelby County, Memphis, Tenn., 27.2%

95. Davidson County, Nashville, Tenn., 13.3%

Thousands more people are moving out of Nashville than moving in, report shows

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — New data estimates from state researchers show more people are moving out of Nashville-Davidson County than are moving in.Data estimates from the ...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — New data estimates from state researchers show more people are moving out of Nashville-Davidson County than are moving in.

Data estimates from the US Census Bureau show Nashville’s population declined by more than 11,000 people in 2021. The data shows around 14,000 fewer people moved into Davidson County than moved out.

This comes after Davidson County experienced tremendous growth between 2010 and 2020, ranking among the fastest growing counties in the country.

State researchers with the Tennessee Data Center at the University of Tennessee’s Boyd Center for Business and Economic Research don’t identify a clear reason for the decline but say there is evidence households in Davidson County are relocating to surrounding counties within the metro area.

Metro city leaders say they are still reviewing the data and working with state researchers to learn more.

“These specific estimates represent a snapshot and are not a clear or definitive look at how Davidson County’s population might have changed between 2020 and 2021. Drawing conclusions based solely on this data could be misleading, since the data needed to actually understand the move between 2020 and 2021 with accuracy and clarity does not currently exist. Metro Planning is continue to work with the State Data Center to get a full picture and better understand the reality behind this specific estimation,” Metro Codes and Planning Department Public Information Officer Richel Albright said.

While there’s no one reason behind the population decline, affordable housing advocates say housing costs are likely playing a role.

“Wages need to go up for our workers, but you have to have housing stock and enough of it that's at affordable rents and prices for the wages of what people are making in the city,” NOAH Affordable Housing Committee Co-Chair Kay Bowers said.

As rent and home prices rise around Nashville, some long-time residents say they are getting priced out.

“Everything that I thought I was working towards to earn, it's gone,” Metro Nashville Public Schools teacher Quanita Adams said.

Adams is born and raised in Nashville and has worked in the local school district for 17 years. She says the spike in home prices is pushing her dream of home ownership further out of reach each day.

She’d likely have to move an hour away to find a house in her budget.

“I know what I've worked for, and I know what my son and daughter deserve, and I'm trying to give them that life. But you know, it's getting a little tough to believe that equity exist in that realm,” she said.

The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce says they are also digging into the data to determine why people are leaving and where they are going.

“The Nashville MSA had a net gain of 17,133 people from 2020-2021. The Census data shows that Davidson County had a net loss of 11,000 people over that time while the other 13 counties in the MSA collectively had a gain of 28,000. When we notice information like this, we want to dig further. The first step is figuring out where people are moving, and the next step is to determine why. The Census Bureau will not publish the county-by-county data until later this summer, so we don’t yet know if those Davidson County residents who moved out of the county remained in the region. The Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce will continue to focus on issues that impact quality of place and livability such as affordable housing, education, and transportation,” Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce VP of Communications Karl Houston said.

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College-Going Rate Decline Requires a Call to Action for Postsecondary Access and Completion Efforts in Tennessee

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEContact: Jessie Greene, Coordinator of College Access Communications [email protected] 615.741.1318 Press ReleaseNASHVILLE – The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) today released the inaugural state college-going status report, ...


Contact: Jessie Greene, Coordinator of College Access Communications [email protected] 615.741.1318 Press Release

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) today released the inaugural state college-going status report, College Going and the Class of 2021. The report examines the annual college-going rate and explores student aspirations and plans for after high school graduation. The new college-going rate, the portion of Tennessee public high school graduates who enrolled in postsecondary education immediately after high school, is 52.8 percent.

The report shows that the college-going rate has been trending down over the past five years, from 63.8 percent for the Class of 2017 to 52.8 percent for the Class of 2021. Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a nine percentage point drop in the college-going rate between the Class of 2019 and the Class of 2021. With declines in college going, we are also observing declines in overall freshmen enrollment in Tennessee. Similar trends are seen nationally, with the National Student Clearinghouse Current Term Enrollment Estimates reporting a 9.2 percent total decline in freshman enrollment between fall 2019 and fall 2021. Changes in the Tennessee college-going rate have not been evenly distributed across the state, with counties seeing different rates of change, and there were notable disparities in the college-going rate changes between Black and Hispanic students and white students.

“In the current economic reality, a high school diploma is not enough for long-term success,” said Executive Director Dr. Emily House, “All students can benefit from postsecondary education or training beyond high school to achieve success and provide opportunities for advancement, which is why the college-going rate decline and disparities should be a call to action for Tennessee and our nation.”

The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is relentlessly focused on increasing the number of Tennesseans with a postsecondary credential. In that spirit, the agency will begin the process of coordinating and convening stakeholders to determine recommendations and the path forward to renew the focus on improving access to postsecondary opportunity and thus increasing the number of individuals with a postsecondary degree or credential.


Local brokerage revolutionizes how Nashville homes are bought, sold with online platform

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local brokerage is revolutionizing how Nashville homes are bought and sold.The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage is the first in Nashville to partner with Doorsey, an online platform that allows sellers to watch in real time as qualified offers come in, while buyers immediately see what it takes to make a winning bid.Essentially, it&rsquo...

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local brokerage is revolutionizing how Nashville homes are bought and sold.

The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage is the first in Nashville to partner with Doorsey, an online platform that allows sellers to watch in real time as qualified offers come in, while buyers immediately see what it takes to make a winning bid.

Essentially, it’s the Ebay of home buying.

“Your markets been crazy, so sometimes you deal with 20-30 all these contracts coming in. You got to sit with an agent, the agent is going to point out benefits, the pluses and minus’ so in this case, everything is a level playing field. The only difference is the price,” said Gary Ashton, broker and owner of The Ashton Real Estate Group of RE/MAX Advantage.

According to Ashton, Doorsey improves the homebuying and selling process. His team partnered with the platform in the first place because he says it combines efficiency with transparency.

“You’re online, you can do things in minutes now rather than submit something, wait to get everybody’s contracts together, have a deadline,” Ashton said.

Doorsey incorporates conventional elements like showings, third-party inspections and disclosures with an online bidding process that allows potential buyers and agents to view competing offers in real-time, to know exactly where they stand and what it will take to win.

It takes away the headache of holding your breath and rolling the dice.

“It’s slow for the first hour or so, everyone watching, you have all these registered bidders, everybody has submitted their paperwork to make sure everyone is approved,” Ashton said. “All you really need is two motivated buyers, and they start battling against each other.

Sellers set their minimum price to protect their bottom line and no longer have to sift through multiple offers.

Ashton says it’s the future of real estate and overall, a win-win.

“We always like to be in the front of new ideas and technology, especially when it benefits the sellers and the buyer, and it’s good for the realtors involved in this and it makes things a lot easier,” Ashton said. “If you bid in cash, great. If you’re working with a realtor and you’ve got your mortgage and you’re approved, fantastic. Everyone is on a leveled playing field.”

Governor Lee, Commissioner Rolfe Announce Buffalo River Truss, LLC to Expand in Perry County

· Tennessee-based steel roof truss manufacturer to expand, relocate manufacturing and distribution operations to a new facility in LobelvilleNASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe and Buffalo River Truss, LLC officials announced today the company will expand to a new location, creating 40 new jobs in Perry County.Buffalo River Truss, headquartered in one of Tennessee’s Tier 4, distressed counties, will invest $1.5 mi...

· Tennessee-based steel roof truss manufacturer to expand, relocate manufacturing and distribution operations to a new facility in Lobelville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe and Buffalo River Truss, LLC officials announced today the company will expand to a new location, creating 40 new jobs in Perry County.

Buffalo River Truss, headquartered in one of Tennessee’s Tier 4, distressed counties, will invest $1.5 million as the company relocates and consolidates its manufacturing and distribution operations from two buildings to one larger facility in Lobelville.

Located at 201 Rose Street, Buffalo River Truss’ new facility will have the capacity to add new equipment, which will allow for more onsite processing and custom manufacturing for the metal buildings industry.

Since 2014, Buffalo River Truss has been manufacturing gable trusses, shed trusses and bar joists. Through the company’s expansion, Buffalo River Truss will employ more than 60 people at its sole location in Southern Middle Tennessee.

In the last five years, TNECD has supported more than 60 economic development projects in the Southern Middle Tennessee region, resulting in roughly 8,000 job commitments and $5.2 billion in capital investment.

QUOTES “Tennessee boasts a strong business climate and skilled workforce, and our rural communities are no exception. I thank Buffalo River Truss for expanding in Perry County and creating quality jobs for Tennesseans.” – Gov. Bill Lee

“When a company like Buffalo River Truss chooses to expand in Tennessee, it is not only a testament to our state’s skilled workforce and business-friendly climate, but also the community that the company calls home. We are proud to serve as the headquarters for this Tennessee brand and look forward to seeing the company’s continued success in the years to come.” – TNECD Commissioner Bob Rolfe

“We feel blessed and excited to continue serving our community with new employment opportunities in Perry County. This expansion will allow us to add product lines, develop better career opportunities and strengthen community relationships. We are grateful to all the people that have helped make this possible and specifically want to thank Governor Bill Lee, TNECD, our General Assembly members, Senator Joey Hensley and Representative Kirk Haston, Perry County Mayor John Carrol, Lobelville Mayor Robbie Moore and everyone else that had input in the process and worked with our team at Buffalo River Truss.” –Monroe Miller, owner and manager, Buffalo River Truss, LLC

“We are excited by Buffalo River Truss’ decision to expand its successful operations in Perry County with the addition of 40 new jobs. We wish them every success as they move forward.” – Sen. Joey Hensley (R-Hohenwald)

“This expansion by Buffalo River Truss is another example of the business-friendly atmosphere that exists here in Lobelville. This investment will result in even more jobs and economic development for our community. I congratulate all of those who helped make this announcement possible, and I look forward to the continued success of Buffalo River Truss here in Perry County.” – Rep. Kirk Haston (R-Lobelville)

About the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development The Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development’s mission is to develop strategies that help make Tennessee the No. 1 location in the Southeast for high quality jobs. To grow and strengthen Tennessee, the department seeks to attract new corporate investment to the state and works with Tennessee companies to facilitate expansion and economic growth. Find us on the web: Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Like us on Facebook. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

TNECD Media Contact Lindsey Tipton Public Information Officer (615) 339-6608 [email protected]



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