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When it comes to trying new, exciting cuisine, few foods hit the spot like a deliciously fresh Mediterranean meal. However, we know that it can be very difficult to find authentic Mediterranean grocery wholesalers in Las Vegas, NV. Having lived in metro Atlanta for years, we realized that our customers needed an easy way to find quality wholesale Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in bulk. That is why we created Nazareth Grocery Mediterranean Market - to give everyone a chance to enjoy tasty, healthy food, desserts, and authentic Mediterranean gifts at wholesale prices.

Founded in 2009, Nazareth Grocery has become one of Las Vegas's leading international wholesale grocery stores. We are very proud to serve our customers and do everything in our power to give them the largest selection of high-quality wholesale goods available.

If you're looking for the freshest, most delicious Middle Eastern wholesale products and ingredients, you will find them here at the best prices in the state. We encourage you to swing by our store in Marietta to see our selection for yourself. We think that you will be impressed!

The Nazareth Difference

At Nazareth Grocery Mediterranean Market, our mission is simple: bring you and your family the largest selection of wholesale Mediterranean products in Las Vegas. When coupled with our helpful, friendly staff and authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere, it's easy to see why we are the top Middle Eastern grocery wholesaler in Las Vegas, NV. We're proud to carry just about every kind of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern product that you can think of, from prepared meals and hookahs to fine seasonings and sweets. We're here for our customers and want each one of them to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience when they shop with us.

Our loyal customers love our selection of the following wholesale foods and gifts:

  • Fresh Breads
  • OlivesOlives
  • HummusHummus
  • CheesesCheeses
  • SaucesSauces
  • Savory-FoodsSavory Foods
  • DessertsDesserts
  • DrinksDrinks
  • HookahsHookahs
  • TobaccoTobacco
  • SaucesGifts
  • Much More!Much More!

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Most Popular Wholesale Mediterranean Foods

There is so much more to Mediterranean food than pizza and pasta. The perfect climate combined with delicious foods and amazing wine makes the Mediterranean incredibly irresistible. That's why our customers absolutely love to buy this kind of cuisine in bulk. Every country in this region has its own set of specialties and delicacies, each with its own flavors and styles of preparation.

Mediterranean countries include:

  • France
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Turkey
  • Syria
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Libya
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Spain
Mediterranean Grocery Las Vegas, NV

So, when it comes to the most popular wholesale Mediterranean products in Las Vegas,
what are we talking about?

 Mediterranean Supermarkets Las Vegas, NV

Feta Cheese

Feta cheese is a classic Mediterranean dairy product that is often enjoyed on its own, in Greek salads, on bread, or mixed with zucchini. Depending on where the feta is sourced and produced, the cheese can be made from cow, sheep, or goat milk, or even a combination of the three. Regardless of the animal it comes from, this delicious cheese is a crowd favorite.

 Mediterranean Grocery Store Las Vegas, NV

Baba Ganoush

This Levantine dish is one of the most well-known Mediterranean dishes to eat in the United States. It typically comes in the form of a dip, served with pita or another kind of dipping bread. Commonly served before dinner as an appetizer of sorts, it usually features tahini, eggplant, garlic, spices, and sometimes yogurt. This tasty cuisine works great as a spread on a sandwich, or you can even eat it with a spoon, all on its own.

 Middle Eastern Grocery Las Vegas, NV


If you have never tried authentic baklava before, get ready to have your mind blown. This dessert is a traditional Mediterranean food that will have your taste buds craving more and more. Once you open a box of baklava from our Mediterranean grocery wholesaler in Las Vegas, NV, you won't want to stop eating! Baklava is made with layers of thin filo dough, which is layered together, filled with chopped nuts (think pistachios), and sealed with honey or syrup. Baklava is so good that its origins are debated, leaving many wondering which country invented the dessert. Everyone from the Turks to the Greeks and even Middle Easterners hold unique takes on baklava. Try each one to discover your favorite!

Most Popular Wholesale Middle Eastern Foods

Fresh, healthy, aromatic, rich: it's no wonder that the popularity of Middle Eastern cuisine and products has skyrocketed in the United States. This genre of cuisine features a large variety of foods, from Halvah to Labneh. If there were one common theme throughout all Middle Eastern food, it would be the bright, vibrant herbs and spices that are used. These flavorings help create rich, complex flavors that foodies fawn over. Typically, Middle Eastern food is piled high for all to eat, with enough food for an entire republic to put down.

 Mediterranean Food Stores Las Vegas, NV


This refreshing, healthy dish is chock-full of greens, herbs, tomatoes, and bulgur (or cracked wheat), creating a memorable, bold flavor. This dish may be eaten on its own or paired with a shawarma sandwich or helping of falafel. It's best to buy your ingredients in bulk to make this dish because it tastes best freshly made with family around to enjoy. Just be sure to bring a toothpick to the tabbouleh party - you're almost certain to have some leafy greens stuck in your teeth after eating.

 Middle Eastern Market Las Vegas, NV


We mentioned shawarma above, and for good reason - this dish is enjoyed by men and women around the world, and of course, right here in the U.S. Except for falafel, this might be the most popular Middle Eastern food item in history. Shawarma is kind of like a Greek gyro, with slow-roasted meat stuffed in laffa with veggies and sauce. The blend of spices and the smoky meat mix together to create a tangy, meaty flavor that you will want to keep eating for hours. For western-style shawarma, try using beef or chicken. For a more traditional meal, try using lamb from our Middle Eastern grocery distributor in Las Vegas, NV.

 Greek Grocery Store Las Vegas, NV


Traditionally used as a dip meant for fresh pita, hummus is a combo of chickpeas, garlic, and tahini, blended together until silky, smooth, and creamy. You can find hummus in just about any appetizer section of a Middle Eastern restaurant menu. That's because it's considered a staple of Middle Eastern food that can be enjoyed by itself, as a spread, or with fresh-baked pita bread. Hummus is also very healthy, making it a no-brainer purchase from our grocery store.

Benefits of Eating a Mediterranean Diet

If there's one diet that is most well-known for its health benefits, it has got to be the Mediterranean diet. In 2019, U.S. News & World Report listed the Mediterranean diet as No. 1 on its best over diet list. This incredible diet has been cited to help with weight loss, brain health, heart health, diabetes prevention, and cancer prevention.

Whether you already love Mediterranean food or you're looking to make some positive changes in your life, this "diet" is for you. Eating cuisine like Greek food, Persian food, Turkish food, and Italian food is healthy and tastes great. Even better than that? At Nazareth Wholesale Grocery, we have many staples of the Mediterranean diet for sale in bulk so that you can stock up on your favorites at the best prices around.

So, what exactly is the Mediterranean diet?

It is a way of eating that incorporates traditional Greek, Italian, and other Mediterranean cultures' foods. These foods are often plant-based and make up the foundation of the diet, along with olive oil. Fish, seafood, dairy, and poultry are also included in moderation. Red meat and sweets are only eaten in moderation, not in abundance. Mediterranean food includes many forms of nuts, fruits, vegetables, fish, seeds, and more. Of course, you can find at them all at our wholesale Mediterranean grocery store!

Here are just a few of the many benefits of eating a healthy Mediterranean diet:

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Reduced Risk
of Heart Disease

Many studies have been conducted on this diet, many of which report that Mediterranean food is excellent for your heart. Some of the most promising evidence comes from a randomized clinical trial published in 2013. For about five years, researchers followed 7,000 men and women around the country of Spain. These people had type 2 diabetes or were at a high risk for cardiovascular disease. Participants in the study who ate an unrestricted Mediterranean diet with nuts and extra-virgin olive oil were shown to have a 30% lower risk of heart events.

Reduced Risk of Stroke for Women

Reduced Risk
of Stroke for Women

In addition to the heart-healthy benefits of a Mediterranean diet, studies have shown that eating healthy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern foods can reduce the chances of stroke in women. The study was conducted in the U.K., which included women between the ages of 40 and 77. Women who stuck to the Mediterranean diet showed a lower risk of having a stroke - especially women who were at high risk of having one.

Benefits of Eating a Mediterranean Diet

First and foremost, purchase your Mediterranean and Middle Eastern wholesale foods from Nazareth Grocery - we're always updating our inventory! Getting started on this healthy, delicious diet is easy.

Try these tips:

Try these tips


Instead of unhealthy sweets like candy and ice cream, try eating fresh fruit instead. It's refreshing, tasty, and often packed with great vitamins and nutrients.


Try eating fish twice a week, in lieu of red meat. Fish is much healthier and doesn't have the unfortunate side effects of red meat, like inflammation.


Try planning out your meals using beans, whole grains, and veggies. Don't start with meats and sweets.


They're tasty, but try to avoid processed foods completely.


Instead of using butter to flavor your food, use extra virgin olive oil instead. Olive oil contains healthy fats and tastes great too.


Try to get more exercise and get out of the house. The Mediterranean lifestyle is an active one, best enjoyed in the beautiful sunshine when possible.

Why Buy Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Products Wholesale?

Buying wholesale and retail are quite different. When you buy products from a wholesaler, you're essentially buying from the middleman between a retail establishment and the manufacturer. Wholesale purchases are almost always made in bulk. Because of that, buyers pay a discounted price. That's great for normal buyers and great for business owners, who can sell those products to profit. This higher price is called the retail price, and it is what traditional customers pay when they enter a retail store.

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Latest News in Las Vegas, NV

WNBA legend Sue Bird retires from the game after playoff loss in Seattle

(CNN)Legendary basketball player Sue Bird bid farewell to the sport Tuesday night when her Seattle Storm lost to the Las Vegas Aces, who advanced to the WNBA Finals."It's sad," she said in an interview with ESPN after the game. "Obviously, so thankful for 20 years here. I'm going to miss it ...

(CNN)Legendary basketball player Sue Bird bid farewell to the sport Tuesday night when her Seattle Storm lost to the Las Vegas Aces, who advanced to the WNBA Finals.

"It's sad," she said in an interview with ESPN after the game. "Obviously, so thankful for 20 years here. I'm going to miss it so much. I'm not going anywhere. But I'm going to miss it."

As she spoke, fans were chanting "Thank you Sue!" in the Seattle arena.

Bird, 41, announced in June this season would be her last. In her final game, she finished with 8 points and 8 assists.

The Aces held off the Storm 97-92 in Game 4 in the best-of-five semifinal series with Chelsea Gray shooting a team-high 31 points along with 10 assists. Breanna Stewart led Seattle with 42 points, tying Angel McCoughtry for the most in a WNBA playoff game.

The Aces will play either the Chicago Sky -- the defending WNBA champion -- or the Connecticut Sun in the WNBA Finals. The Sun beat the Sky on Tuesday night to force a winner-take-all Game 5.

Bird, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2002 WNBA draft, is the league's all-time assists leader and a 13-time All-Star.

She played her entire career with the Storm, where she has won four championships along with five selections to the All-WNBA first team and a record 12 All-Star Game appearances.

Bird has won championships at every level, notably a record-tying five Olympic basketball golds with Team USA. She also was on four World Cup-winning teams and multiple title-winning teams in Russia's professional league and the EuroLeague. In college, she won two NCAA championships at the University of Connecticut. According to the WNBA website, she also won a national title at Christ The King High School in New York.

When she announced her retirement in June, Bird said she was looking forward to things that basketball seasons keep a player from, pointing out she won't have to set an alarm for early morning workouts and she can take real vacations without an eye on the next year. But she will miss the "grind" moments -- hard practices and a difficult travel schedule -- because "you're still doing it with a team," she added.

Her hope, Bird said, is to find something that fulfills her in that way but she knows it will be hard to replace things that are part of life as a pro athlete. She alluded to an ESPN show she did with Diana Taurasi during the Final Four, saying cheekily, "Maybe that becomes a thing."

When asked whether the announcement made for a happy or sad day, she said it was a combination.

"Not a lot of people do something for their entire lives the way that athletes do," she said, pointing out it was the end of a sporting life that began when she was 5 or 6. She looks forward to retirement, saying she was excited and, "I get to start this new life."

CNN's Jill Martin and Steve Almasy contributed to this report.

WNBA playoffs 2022: Aces advance to WNBA Finals; Sun force decisive Game 5 vs. Sky

The 2022 WNBA postseason continued with Games 4 of the semifinals on Tuesday. The ...

The 2022 WNBA postseason continued with Games 4 of the semifinals on Tuesday. The Las Vegas Aces advanced to the WNBA Finals with a win over the Seattle Storm, sending Sue Bird into retirement. The Connecticut Sun forced a winner-take-all Game 5 in the semifinals with a win over the defending champion Chicago Sky. This season, the format changed to best-of-five series in the semifinals and WNBA Finals. Eight teams made the postseason, and there are no longer byes for the top seeds. All four top seeds advanced from the best-of-three first round. Follow Yahoo Sports for live coverage throughout the postseason.

WNBA semifinals schedule

Games 1

Games 2

Games 3

Games 4, Tuesday

Game 5, Thursday

Connecticut at Chicago, 8 p.m. ET on ESPN2

WNBA Finals schedule

Game 1: Chicago/Connecticut at Las Vegas, 3 p.m. ET Sunday (ABC)

Game 2: Chicago/Connecticut at Las Vegas, 9 p.m. ET Tuesday (ESPN)

Game 3: Las Vegas at Chicago/Connecticut, 9 p.m. ET Sept. 15 (ESPN)

Game 4: Las Vegas at Chicago/Connecticut, 4 p.m. ET Sept. 18 (ESPN)*

Game 5: Chicago/Connecticut at Las Vegas, 9 p.m. ET Sept. 20 (ESPN)*

* — if necessary

Las Vegas’ 9 Most Anticipated Fall 2022 Restaurant Openings

Following an exciting summer of Las Vegas restaurant openings that included Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s namesake Japanese restaurant, the first-ever restaurant by Martha Stewart, and the arrival of California favorite...

Following an exciting summer of Las Vegas restaurant openings that included Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s namesake Japanese restaurant, the first-ever restaurant by Martha Stewart, and the arrival of California favorite Randy’s Donuts, fall is shaping up to keep pace with nine highly anticipated restaurants spanning the entire Las Vegas Valley that are on tap to open before year’s end.

On the Strip, new restaurants include a late-night spot right out of South Beach, an old school-style steakhouse from New York, a culinary veteran’s new destination for Italian food, an energetic English pub, and yet another restaurant by Gordon Ramsay. Off the Strip, a fancy breakfast restaurant moves into downtown, an intimate caviar shop enters the Arts District, a locals’ casino readies to open a place for Italian patio dining, and dry-aged meats move into the ever-expanding Henderson dining scene.

Bodega Bagels kicks off the fall season, opening in Henderson today with New York-style bagels. From Ramsay’s Kitchen to Bjork Caviar, here’s a look at the nine Las Vegas restaurants we’re keeping an eye on this fall.

Anticipated opening: NovemberWhere: 3325 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Merging a slice of the French Riviera with a Miami dinner party vibe, Villa Azur makes its Las Vegas debut with modern white decor, an over-the-top menu, and a reputation for attracting celebrities. Villa Azur takes over the former Once space at the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian with late-night entertainment that harkens back to its original location in South Beach, Florida. Expect dishes such as truffle burrata, seared octopus, truffle French ravioles, Dover sole meunière, and pasta served tableside in a Parmigiano Reggiano wheel and set aflame with cognac. The restaurant’s all-white tables, seating, and chandeliers will offer pops of color by way of neon signs, highly saturated portraits of celebrities, and a ceiling of flowers that hangs above one of the dining rooms.

Anticipated opening: FallWhere: 3570 South Las Vegas Boulevard

New York City steakhouse Peter Luger lands in Las Vegas along with Luger’s famously bow-tied waitstaff, old-world charm, and dry-aged USDA prime steaks. The 135-year-old Peter Luger Steak House opened in 1887 in South Williamsburg and became a go-to destination for New Yorkers and visitors. It’s largely credited with creating the blueprint for the American steakhouse. Inside the location at Caesars Palace, diners can expect steaks served with a pool of hot butter and red meat juices, thick-cut bacon, and a dining room of heavy oak tables.

Anticipated opening: FallWhere: 3475 South Las Vegas Boulevard

Gordon Ramsay has yet again set his sights on Las Vegas. Joining the line-up of Gordon Ramsay Steak, Fish and Chips, Pub and Grill, Burger, and Hell’s Kitchen, his newest Ramsay’s Kitchen aims to take diners on a trip around the world. Ramsay’s Kitchen first opened in Boston with an expansive menu including a raw bar, soups, salads, sandwiches, and signature mains. The 240-seat Las Vegas outpost at Harrah’s Las Vegas will offer its own signature specialties and a 7-seat seafood counter in the space of the former Oyster Bar.

Anticipated opening: FallWhere: 616 East Carson Avenue

A self-described “boujee” breakfast restaurant will become the sixth tenant to move into the space at 616 East Carson Avenue in downtown Las Vegas. The Parlour will serve breakfast items such as lavender lattes, salmon benedicts, vegan breakfast burritos, fresh pastries, and monkey bread. Helmed by restaurateur Antonio Nunez, who previously opened brunch destinations the Kitchen Table and the Stove, The Parlour will offer boozy breakfast drinks and – interestingly for downtown – a drive-thru.

Anticipated opening: September 25Where: 1450 W Horizon Ridge Parkway

Chef and owner Matthew Meyer is readying to launch his new restaurant,138°, in the space of his previous Henderson spot, Served Global Dining. The new restaurant will specialize in dry-aged beef, pork, duck, and fish — a process that Meyer says lends his proteins more condensed and complex flavors. In the 5,200-square-foot restaurant, Meyer will serve dishes such as shrimp and grits with Marcona almonds and fennel butter, chilled lobster borscht with roasted beets, and a seed-crusted lamb chop with risotto. The restaurant design will feature a center fire pit lounge, a grand piano for entertaining, and a dry-aging display.

Anticipated opening: September 30Where: 2535 South Las Vegas Boulevard

The newest restaurant by chef Shawn McClain, the James Beard Foundation winner for Best Chef Midwest in 2006, is officially slated to open on September 30 at the Sahara Las Vegas. McClain, who previously opened Five50 Pizza Bar, Libertine Social, and Las Vegas darling Sage, will prepare regional, seasonal Italian cuisine inside a light and airy restaurant on the Strip. The dinner menu at Balla Italian Soul will feature small plates like marinated octopus with Calabrian pepper, pasta selections like linguine with crab, and a selection of wood-fired pizzas. The Strip-facing Balla, located off the casino floor, will open to a glass charcuterie station, a bar area with a bricked ceiling, and an open kitchen.

Anticipated opening: Early OctoberWhere: 221 N Rampart

An Italian restaurant with a coastal feel opens at the Rampart Casino in September. The locals’ resort opens Spiedini Fiamma Italian Bistro in the old Spiedini Ristorante premises with a new chef, a new Italian menu, and a complete redesign that features an expansive bar area, an open kitchen, and a patio dining area with firepit seating.

Anticipated opening: September 2022Where: 1130 South Casino Center Boulevard

A local caviar business that supplies tins of small-farm caviar to restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip is moving into the Las Vegas Arts District and offering tastings for small groups for the first time. The owner, Christian Sandefeldt, says that the six-year-old business has always operated as a wholesale supplier, offering private tastings in homes and conference rooms. In the new location next to Esther’s Kitchen and across the street from Garagiste Wine Room, Bjork Caviar will offer dining and caviar pairings for groups of up to four people.

Anticipated opening: Fall 2022Where: 3327 South Las Vegas Boulevard #2720

In an effort to make dart-throwing the new axe-throwing in Las Vegas, a London-based bar is slated to open on the Las Vegas Strip this fall with a carousel bar and 20 bays for darts. Flight Club Las Vegas will take over 16,000 square feet inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at the Venetian Resort with high-tech dart-throwing lanes that do the score-keeping for you. Aiming to capture the feel of British pubs and fairgrounds, Flight Club will also feature a bar that looks like a carousel; finger foods like mini tacos, soft pretzel sticks, chicken sandwiches, and cotton candy; and wooden furnishings and banquette seating for large groups.

Imagine Dragons to play biggest Las Vegas show yet

Imagine going over every word in your diary with a co-worker.Think of putting each emotion under a microscope, so that your innermost thoughts and feelings could be examined down to the molecular level.And then, explain it all in exacting detail, diagram the hurt, take all that private pain and make it public.That’s kind of what it was like for Dan Reynolds.Only the Imagine Dragons frontman’s songs are his journal entries — and he’s been writing them daily since he was 12 years old.&...

Imagine going over every word in your diary with a co-worker.

Think of putting each emotion under a microscope, so that your innermost thoughts and feelings could be examined down to the molecular level.

And then, explain it all in exacting detail, diagram the hurt, take all that private pain and make it public.

That’s kind of what it was like for Dan Reynolds.

Only the Imagine Dragons frontman’s songs are his journal entries — and he’s been writing them daily since he was 12 years old.

“I have a hard time expressing myself without melody,” he explains. “For some reason, when there’s a soundscape and melody involved I’m able to say things that I can’t express otherwise.”

For the band’s new double album, “Mercury: Acts 1 & 2,” it enlisted super-producer Rick Rubin, who’s overseen classic records ranging from Slayer to the Beastie Boys to Johnny Cash, and who took a decidedly different approach to songwriting than Reynolds had ever experienced.

“It was the first time I ever had to sit down with a producer and go over every lyric,” he says. “But Rick really insisted on it. And that was really hard for me because, one, it’s Rick Rubin, and two, it’s painstaking to sit down with someone and go through every word that you wrote and have them question it, and the meaning behind it, and have to explain it. It’s just really vulnerable.”

This vulnerability lies at the (often-broken) heart of “Mercury,” which was written during a particularly traumatic stretch for Reynolds, in which his best friend from childhood, an ex-girlfriend, his sister-in-law and his business manager of 10 years all passed away.

“It was just like one after another,” the 35-year-old Reynolds says. “Loss was a very prevalent theme. Looking through and understanding the immediacy of loss and what that feels like and sounds like. I think there was a lot to learn for myself.”

‘It’s OK to be out of your mind’

“Tell me, how am I supposed to move on?” he wonders in a voice as fragile as his sense of well-being.

Above all else, Reynolds most doggedly pursues the answer to that question on “Mercury.”

There’s a thread of regret through the albums, feelings of guilt about not being there for loved ones in their time of need.

“Where was I? / When he took his life / Oh, I was singing in the prime of my life,” Reynolds emotes about his childhood friend on the stirring “Waves.”

“I wish that I would’ve been there in the end / I wish I was a better friend,” he confesses on the swollen-hearted ballad “I Wish,” delivering one of his most powerful vocal performances on a song about his sister-in-law.

There are moments of self-doubt, which often morph into self-laceration (“I don’t want this body, I don’t want this voice / I don’t wanna be here”; “A sharpened blade of reality / Sometimes, I wanna hurt me.”)

But there’s also a sense of resolve amid it all, of finding a way to make it through the storm, soaking wet, but with spirit intact.

“Breathe in deep, just a day at a time,” Reynolds instructs on “It’s OK.” “’Cause it’s OK to be out of your mind.”

Sonically, the band follows Reynolds’ lead, shining through the darkness, with guitarist Wayne Sermon delivering some of his most impassioned, expressive soloing, bassist Ben McKee serving as the driving force behind some of the album’s most assertive rhythms, and drummer Daniel Platzman bringing the thunder all over the record.

“There’s some holes that you can never fill — certainly when you lose someone — it leaves a big emptiness inside your heart,” Reynolds acknowledges. “But going through a grieving process, it’s really important to communicate what you’re feeling to someone, whether it’s a therapist or a friend or whatever. For me, it was through music, and through this record. That was kind of my therapist.”

‘Life is just perspective’

“It’s time to begin, isn’t it?” he sang a decade ago.

And then it began — breathlessly.

Nearly 10 years ago to the day that Imagine Dragons are headlining Allegiant Stadium on Saturday, the band released its 2012 debut, “Night Visions,” which became a worldwide smash, selling over 7 millions copies, launched by the aptly titled first single “It’s Time to Begin.”

Success was not an overnight thing for this band — the group self-released four EPs from 2008 to 2011— nor was it something that Reynolds could fully get his head around at first.

“The funny thing is, I constantly questioned it — and so did my mom, like, ‘Maybe, it’s going to be done tomorrow; I’d better really love it today,’” he recalls. “I remember even when our first single got played on the radio thinking, ‘This is amazing: I got to hear a song I wrote on the radio — I heard it on Mix 94.1-FM, actually — and then thinking, ‘OK, but I may never hear it again, so really enjoy this moment.’

“And that was a narrative for a long time for me,” he continues, “thinking, ‘Now we’re selling out clubs. This is crazy, but it may never happen again. It might be a fleeting thing.’ I think there’s something about that that continues to drive me, to want to be better, to work harder, to give everything on every single show, so if it was the last show, at least I gave it. To this day, it’s like, ‘OK, our first time doing stadiums, this might be the last time.’”

And so, being truly alive in the moment is what “Mercury” — and by extension, this band — is really all about.

“Yeah, life is just perspective / Laughing when you’ve wrecked it / Smiling when you kept it together / You weathered the storm,” Reynolds observes on “Symphony,” singing those clouds away.

Contact Jason Bracelin at [email protected] or 702-383-0476. Follow @jbracelin76 on Instagram.

NHL Rumors: Jets, Canucks, Senators, Golden Knights

In today’s NHL rumors rundown, is Kevin Cheveldayoff in risk of losing his job as the GM of the Winnipeg Jets? Meanwhile, the Vancouver Canucks would like to add a defenseman to their roster.Who will they use as trade bait to land a regular blueliner? The Ottawa Senators have good news when it comes to star rookie Jake Sanderson and there is an update on the injury status of Vegas Golden Knights’ goaltender Laurent Brossoit....

In today’s NHL rumors rundown, is Kevin Cheveldayoff in risk of losing his job as the GM of the Winnipeg Jets? Meanwhile, the Vancouver Canucks would like to add a defenseman to their roster.

Who will they use as trade bait to land a regular blueliner? The Ottawa Senators have good news when it comes to star rookie Jake Sanderson and there is an update on the injury status of Vegas Golden Knights’ goaltender Laurent Brossoit.

Jets’ Cheveldayoff on Hot Seat

While Cheveldayoff was praised for building a young, skilled and potentially contending team, over the past couple of seasons, the Jets have looked like anything but the Stanley Cup contenders many had them pegged to be. That has placed the GM on the hot seat when it comes to this season, according to The Hockey News.

They write:

“…the Jets have, for the most part, been an example of the law of diminishing returns, and they bottomed out this past season, first suffering the indignity of head coach Paul Maurice walking away from his job, then missing the playoffs for the first time since 2017, and finishing sixth in the Central Division, ahead of only Chicago and Arizona.”

Related: Maple Leafs News & Rumors: Foligno, Stepan, Matthews & Bure

They cite the fact that Chevelydayoff’s coach walked, the replacement wasn’t his first choice and a lack of depth in key positions on the team could be problematic. Cheveldayoff has been with the organization for 11 years and if the team can’t turn things around, it’s potentially time to see if someone can do a better job.

Could Canucks Trade Garland for a Defenseman?

While all eyes will shift to Bo Horvat in Vancouver, there is talk by Patrick Johnston of the Vancouver Province that the organization would like to add a defenseman, potentially using forward Conor Garland to land what they need in a trade.

Johnston writes:

The Canucks would be silly to trade Garland given the energy he brings to the table and the production that comes with it — he scored at the best rate on the team last season while barely seeing power play time — but those are reasons why he’d be a valuable trade chip.

source – ‘Canucks: Signing J.T. Miller answers one question, but where do they go from here?’ – Patrick Johnston – Vancouver Province – 09/03/2022

Senators’ Sanderson Ready for Season

Ottawa Senators prospect Jake Sanderson is relaying that the hand injury that kept him on the sidelines for the Senators and off the U.S. World Championship team is healed and he’s ready to return. According to Stephen Whyno of the Associated Press, Sanderson met with media during the NHLPA rookie showcase and he noted he expects to be 100% healthy for training camp.

It’s not a given that a spot will be available for him on the blue line. The team is rumored to be looking to add another top-four defenseman via trade and they also have Thomas Chabot, Nick Holden and Erik Brannstrom on the left side. One thing that is clear, the Senators are not planning to move Sanderson even though they’ve been getting calls about the player’s availability.

Brossoit’s Status Unclear for Golden Knights

According to new head coach Bruce Cassidy, when goaltender Lauren Brossoit returns for the Vegas Golden Knights isn’t quite clear. Cassidy notes: “He’s healing well from his surgery, again a guy that is highly motivated to get out there. Whether he joins us at the end of the year or two or three weeks in, we’ll see him.”

This isn’t great news for the Golden Knights who are without Robin Lehner and are putting all their eggs in the Logan Thompson basket to start the 2022-23 season. If he’s out until the end of 2022, the Golden Knights can’t do much with his contract as the team will need to make room once he comes off of LTIR.

Jim Parsons is a senior THW freelance writer, part-time journalist and audio/video host who lives, eats, sleeps and breathes NHL news and rumors, while also writing features on the Edmonton Oilers. He’s been a trusted source for five-plus years at The Hockey Writers, but more than that, he’s on a mission to keep readers up to date with the latest NHL rumors and trade talk. Jim is a daily must for readers who want to be “in the know.”

Other content contributions include:, The Sportster and hosting weekly video casts, THW News and Rumors Rundown, plus Oilers Overtime.

For interview requests or to provide content info, follow Jim on Twitter or his social media accounts. They appear under his photo on articles like this one.


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