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About Us

Our History

Founded in 2009, Nazareth Grocery has become one of Georgia’s leading International Grocery Stores, with a focus on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine and Gifts. We are proud to server our customers and offer the freshest and most delicious ingredients and products at the best rates possible. We have a wide selection of quality products that we’re sure you’ll just love. Stop by today to have a taste!

Our Mission

At Nazareth Grocery, it’s our mission to bring you the largest selection and the best quality Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Groceries and Gifts. Along with the knowledgable staff and the authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere, Nazareth Grocery carries everything you could possibly imagine from seasonings and prepared meals to hookahs and imported gifts. We’re here for our customers, and want each one of them to have a unique, one-of-a-kind experience at one of Georgia’s leading international grocery stores and your neighborhood market, Nazareth Grocery.


Does your grocery store carry hookah products in Marietta, GA?

Hookah smoking is a beloved hobby worldwide and has been for hundreds of years. It makes sense that hookah products in Marietta are more popular than ever. As such, we make it a priority to always have the finest hookahs and hookah accessories on display at Nazareth Mediterranean Market. Whether you want to buy a new hookah product or upgrade your current setup, we have the products and the know-how to help. Don’t see what you’re looking for on our website? Give us a call or send us a message on social for our most updated hookah product inventory.

I’m new to town and would like to find an authentic Middle Eastern grocery store in Marietta, GA. Do you carry Middle Eastern products?

Firstly, we would like to welcome you to our community! We’re happy that you chose Marietta as your city of choice. We most certainly do carry Middle Eastern products at Nazareth Mediterranean Market. In fact, we have been providing our loyal customers with the highest quality Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine & gifts since 2009. We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and your family and think that you will find exactly what you are looking for at our Middle Eastern grocery store in Marietta. If you have any questions about our location or the products we carry, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help! We look forward to seeing you soon.

I have been looking for authentic Moroccan cuisine EVERYWHERE in Georgia but haven’t had any luck. Please tell me you carry these products?

Close your Google browser and kick your feet up on the couchbecause your search for real-deal Moroccan food is over! At Nazareth Mediterranean Market, Moroccan products are some of the most popular items we sell. That’s why you will almost always find Harissa, Freekeh, whole oil-cured olives, mixed olives, and much more at our Mediterranean grocery store in Marietta, GA. Whether you’re having family over for the weekend or just want a taste of home, you will find a plethora of Moroccan cuisine options to choose from here.

I’m new to Mediterranean cuisine in Marietta. What are some popular foods you would recommend I buy from your Mediterranean grocery store in Marietta, GA?

If you have never tried Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food, your taste buds are in for a real treat. With so many types of Mediterranean foods available (Greek, Italian, Moroccan, Egyptian), it can be hard to know where to start your journey. We find cheese to be a common starting place for folks not familiar with Mediterranean food.We recommend tryingGraviera(pronounced Grah-VEIH-rah): a semi-hard, wheel-shaped cheese made from sheep’s milk. This tasty cheese only uses sheep’s milk from the Island of Crete and is ripened for three months at a minimum. Graviera has a deliciously distinct flavor, with slight notes of burnt caramel and fruit. It’s incredibly popular in Greece and pairs well with any appetizer cheese platter.

Pro Tip: break out the Graviera the next time your Greek friends are in town. You might get some major “brownie points” with them!

Do you carry any authentic Mediterranean or Middle Eastern meats?

As your local, authentic Middle Eastern grocery store in Marietta GA, we make it a point to stock the finest Middle Eastern and Mediterranean meats available. From delicious Kofta Kebabs made with fresh ground beef, lamb, and Middle Eastern spices to mouth-watering Halal sausages, you can find them right here at Nazareth Mediterranean Market. If you are looking for a specific style or brand of meat, we encourage you to give our grocery store a call, and we can help find the product you need. You can also visit our website or check us out on Facebook and Instagram for our latest inventory updates.

Does your Mediterranean grocery store in Marietta GA carry spices?

Yes, we do! Spices, herbs, and other seasonings play an important role in shaping the flavor profile of Mediterranean dishes. That is why we always have a large stock of both fresh and dried spices available. Fresh leafy greens like basil go great in sauces, while dried spices like oregano pack a punch in dishes like Greek chicken with lemon pepper sauce. Spices like cumin and cardamom lend an invigorating warmth to Mediterranean food, while earthy spices like turmeric can transform a bland dish into a delicious treat. Whether you’re looking to buy a spice for a traditional family meal or just want to add a little Mediterranean flavor to your lunch, we’ve got you covered.